Hi I am Meghna.
I am the youngest pillar and certified Tarot reader at Creative Eleanor.

I am Tarot Reader who also has a gift of being clairsentient.
I adore helping people with my abilities. I am aware how powerful this can be therefore i respect my gift to it’s fullest when translating via reading or healing. Initially being scared and blocking my abilities out, I finally embraced my true path and have been giving readings for people to guide them through their lives. I also promote the power of Crystals. The combination of Tarot and Crystals work really very well. When you need some sort of natural energy crystals can be your best friend.

It always surprise me how crystals can help you in different situation of your life. These chunks of minerals are powerful source of natural energies. The right crystals can change your life therefore, it is important to pick up right one.

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