Hi I am Nayan Shah.
I am one of the director and founder of Creative Eleanor.

I am certified Vastu Consultant and i have been practising for a long time. Many people believe that Vastu is blind faith, but it’s wrong. Vastu is considered holy in religious book. In todays’ time people do not pay attention to the rules of Vastu because of ignorance and diffidence. But when difficulties, illness arrives they start believing in the importance of Vastu Shastra.

My passion towards learning about this science of direction brought me in this beautiful shastra. I have personally experienced the vast change in my life after implementing the facts about this science. When i realised how beautiful and effective this shastra is i decided to help others with my knowledge and education in this field. I visit peoples home, offices, shops, factories, work shops etc and i guide them about the changes they have to make in their respected premises. In today’s time people want results but they hesitate to take consultation because they are worried about the changes. They think i will advise them to break things in the house or ask them to change things upside down. But its wrong…!!!! I know how difficult it is to make these changes in your house that’s why I have come up with remedies. These powerful remedies boosts the energy lacking in the specific direction of the house, or it suppresses the negative energy. Many things are already present in your house they just need to be in the right place. We are specialised in our field and we are the one and only certified expert consultants who is doing Vastu Shastra thoroughly. My education and certification is in Tantra Vastu which itself is very powerful. It is bit sad to know that people do not believe in the power of our Mantras and many of them are not even aware that it exists. But me along with my team we give you those powerful Mantras too if it required.
This can definitely change your lives. So do not hesitate to get in touch with me…!!!

0116 266 5155